Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

I have an idea,
now how do
I realize it?

How do I spend
my or my investors’
money efficiently

MVP is complete.
How do I seek
investment and scale?

Wrong initial steps 10 years ago cost us years of backtracking​


5,000+ app submissions later we have it down to an easy science. From the first submission to the ones we do today, the processes have had nuances and we have continuously learned it is easy to get caught in most steps along the way.

We chose the wrong tech stacks, we used the wrong words when submitting to only get rejected, and everything in between. When building an idea, minimizing initial choices can have a lasting impact at $1M and beyond in revenue. The good news is that we made those mistakes so you don’t have to. We also optimized every aspect of the flow so you can benefit from it.

What we provide


How to get started building your MVP within your set budget, what tech stacks to use and how to coordinate a team to do it you can trust


We can execute on your vision in the most cost effective way.
This foundation will help
set up your future development plans

Fine Tuning

Already started building but not happy with your progress? Let us help you manage the next steps of optimizing or replacing your talent


Your MVP deserves fuel to scale and grow. Articulating your vision, especially technologically, can sometimes be difficult. Let us help you tell your future story

Fullfilling a dream starts with an idea and becomes a reality when you execute

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